The youtube tutorial

I have been attempting to follow this tutorial for literally HOURS. I am not sure if maybe I am not doing this the right way..

but, I cannot keep up with him and I am finding that some of the steps that he is using are not working the same on mine. Also, I cannot read the screen, its blurry.

Is there another tool or tutorial that anyone may be aware of that may be more helpful?

One thought on “The youtube tutorial

  1. It literally took me hours to do mine which I am not proud of. There are no other tutorials I was able to find that were as ‘easy’ as this one. After restarting literally 5 times I sat down with my MacBook and pulled up the videos on my phone pausing every step of the way. Re-watch the increments as many times as you need before you move on otherwise if you mess it up you are screwed down the line. I was able to read the fine print of his screen on my phone but if you’re having troubles you should try to pull it up on a larger screen. You’re not alone, I’m sick and was nearly in tears over the damn color wheel today.

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