Photoshop Lesson 2-Winston

WinstonI had a few problems with creating the color wheel in Photoshop. I, first, tried to bring down the ruler to the center of the circle I had made and accidentally opened the circle in a new window. Thinking I was exiting out of the duplicate window, I deleted my circle and had to start all over. Fortunately, my changes to the configurations were saved. I then became confused with the ruler measurements and couldn’t understand why the instructor kept saying 350 when all I could see was inches. I had to find the right window to change the setting for the ruler guide from inches to pixels. I also had a problem with trying to scroll. I have never used that feature before on my laptop, so it took me about ten minutes to figure out how to do it, so I could press +Alt and scroll at the same time. Some of his shortcuts wouldn’t work on my Photoshop. For instance, the spacebar feature didn’t change my pen tool to the hand tool. I had to manual change it each time on the left hand side. I also had to manually change the pen tool to the convert tool in order to drag my arch points and lines. The last problem was that I couldn’t change the opacity using the number pad on the right of my laptop. I had to once again manually change it. I will have to say, it is interesting the levels of colors I was able to get with Photoshop. However, the steps are intricate and lengthy and there would be no way I could duplicate this on my own without the video.

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