Jackie Basic color concept



color wheel2

This color wheel is a failure. Clearly I misunderstood this color wheel thing because for some reason I thought we had to exactly copy the wheel that was shown on are lesson plan. Derp de derp turns out I could have done a lot more with this. My bad. As it stands this is not a good piece and it does not help that I, due to the lack of a scanner or a good camera. ended up snapping pictures with phone. As you can see the lines are terrible and mangled, the colors (especially on the red violet) look nothing like they should. I also should have taken into consideration the thickness of the pencil lines, as you can see them threw the paint (the yellow is in the biggest need of help). All of these problems could have been helped if I had given myself more time and checked again to see what the project guidelines were. Not to proud of this one



I do feel a bit better about this one on the other hand. The contrast is a bit dark, but I still feel that it mostly captured what I created. I was having fun trying to make it look as though my letters are ¬†on different planes of perspective from on another. I felt that this piece was mostly a success, though I have to say that I was not a fan of the color schematic or with that dip between the A and the e. I made a poor choice in colors there and tried to cover it up with blue. I didn’t turn out as bad as it could have, but looking at it now I feel there was still more I could have done with it. I liked how the J and the A turned out, I feel they are the most clear and precise, and work the best in this piece. I should have worked more with the c it is very one dimensional.

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