Basic Color Concept

I’m not very happy with either of the end products of this project  and, believe it or not, this is the second try on both exercises.  With the color wheel my unfamiliarity with the use of acrylics is obvious.  The color mixing went pretty well until I got to the violets, when I realized I may have used the wrong blue.  I had already tried pthalo blue on my first attempt and when that didn’t work, ultramarine.  Neither got me a good violet.   My name project started out pretty well, then went steadily downhill, again, but I had too much time invested to bag it and start over yet again (not spoken like a true artist, I admit).  I’m wondering if I  may have invested in poor quality paints, though I’m really not using that as an excuse, I promise!

!IMG_5152 IMG_5158

3 thoughts on “Basic Color Concept

  1. I also had a problem with some of the colors on the color wheel. My blue-green is really dark and I couldn’t lighten it, but I was using the basic blue acrylic. I then couldn’t get the right violet, or purple with mixing the red and blue. The colors kept coming out brown. I ended up using the permanent rose and adding blue to it to get the color I needed. I also am new to painting with acrylics. Don’t stress so much about your name painting, practice will make perfect and I am positive we will be getting plenty of practice in this class. You know, maybe it was the brush and not the paint. I had a problem with the #8 brush. It kept adding the jagged lines that you also have. I had to switch to either the 2 or the 4.

  2. I use fairly high quality paints and even they wouldn’t blend well to create the violet… I didn’t add any other shades because I felt like that would’ve gone against the spirit of the whole assignment XD…

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