Kathryn- Basic Color Concept

Reichert_ex2_Basic-Color-Concept-1-1Reichert_ex2_Basic-Color-Concept-1-2 I liked doing the color wheel for this assignment.   The only issues I had were initially figuring out which blue to use for any mixing I was doing.   To me, pthalo, cobalt and ultramarine just looked like different shades of blue and I wasn’t sure which to base the just straight blue off of.   I looked it up online and read that ultramarine was on the violet end of blue and pthalo was on the green end of the blue spectrum.   I ended up just using cobalt as “blue” and mixing it with pthalo and yellow for green and mixing ultramarine and rose in for violet.   I didn’t care much for the subtractive mixing assignment using our names simply because I don’t really care for the color combination.   Overall, though, it was fun to be painting again!

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  1. Kathryn, I like how you organized the background into three sections of different colors and then put different number of letters of your name in each section. It mixes precisions with a chaos and makes your picture very creative. Good job!

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