Color Concept-Devante O

I liked the exercise where we had to use our name to create art with subtractive colors.  As I messed around with painting my name, I thought about trying to even out the brush strokes but I like the way they show up.  I think it adds a bit more interest since it looks rather abstract.  I also flipped and stacked letters in my name to make it more difficult determining which letters are present.  Color Concept For the color wheel I wasn’t entirely sure if out wheel had to look exactly like the example so I just went with something simple and similar.  One problem I had with this was getting a good purple.  It always seemed a bit muddy and not the way I wanted it to be when I mixed it.  I used a sponge instead of a paintbrush for the smaller cirIcle to try and get a different texture and rougher edges.Color Concept_0003Instead of taking a photograph of these two piece, I decide to use this little scanner I have at home since the paper was small enough.  I think the scanner allowed me to portray the color more accurately and quickly than a photo would have.  It also allowed me to get a better quality image and see the paint strokes in the pieces.

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  1. I really like how your color wheel turned out, I think it is one of the more unique displays that I have seen turned in. The scanner was a good idea, you’re right that it captured that elusive brightness to the colors. It’s neat that you thought to use a sponge for this project, I think it added to the piece. I also like the way you painted your name. The abstract nature adds a intrest to the piece and it is fun how you put together the letters like a puzzle like pattern. Nice work.

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