Elaina- Basic color concept

IMG_0303 (2)IMG_0307 (2)  For my painted color wheel I decided to make lips because I’ve been obsessed with lipstick lately. I’m happy how that turned out. I didn’t quite like the RYB assignment because I dislike the color combination and it  reminds me of The Double Meat Palace. (Buffy reference, sorry)

6 thoughts on “Elaina- Basic color concept

  1. I like the way you overlapped the letters in your name and changed the colors. I think it was a successful way of distributing the color evenly across the entire piece instead of just having large blocks of color. I also like the trippy radiating rings around the lettering. Nice job referencing Buffy. That show was my favorite growing up. The color scheme definitely reminds me of Doublemeat Palace.

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