Visual Record: Lighting

I have to say, I have a great respect for my photographer friend who knows all there is to know about lighting and how to position and what lights to use. Of course, she has better access to lighting equipment than I do, I have my lamps and my tables.

Not being a painter, and definitely not one for color, I decided to paint one of my own for this assignment. It has promise, and acrylics drive me a little nuts because of how they dry. I’ve painted figurines before, 3D, but never flat. :/

Anyway, the paintings I photographed, the first one is one that my great grandparents bought from a man in Hawaii, he no longer lives unfortunately, but he captured the light so well. I figured I’d try this one out, and I have to say the softer lights that I have actually contribute to the feel of the piece.  IMG_20150913_210555466

The second piece is one I made. Like I said I’m not good with all the tricks in the books, just what I’ve practiced when ‘painting’ on charcoal in my drawings. The light was not friendly to it, I think if I went and got several other lights and played with softening pure daylight instead of using the halogens and fluorescents that I have the colors in this would pop much better, and the feathering wouldn’t look so ‘yellow’. Funny how the hues of a light will absorb into the painting, which is what I learned with this type of lighting.IMG_20150913_210759437


Light definitely reflects horribly as well, and casts shadows. Grr.

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