Kathryn- Visual Record

Reichert_ex1_Visual-Record1 Reichert_ex1_Visual-Record2

The first picture I have is my son’s art.   He’s almost two and colors like a mad man, so I chose to use his to try to see how all of the individual colors would photograph.   The lighting was the hardest part, I think.   I used natural light coming in from the door in front of it off to the left hand side.   All in all, I think it lit nicely, but the left side is slightly darker than the right.   Adding any lights I had around the house just made it worse.   I had my ISO at 400, with my aperture at f/2.5 and my shutter speed at 1/5 of a second and my camera on a tripod.   In photoshop, I used the white balance correction tool in Camera Raw by picking the brightest part on the paper and found that was pretty sufficient.   I also turned up the vibrance and the contrast just a bit.

The second picture is acrylic on canvas and was shot in the same lighting conditions and the same exposure, except that I had the shutter speed slightly slower at 1/3 of a second.   This one was easier to shoot than my son’s (probably because my son’s was a thinner sheet of paper and popping off the wall here and there).   I had to do a couple of quick edits in photoshop to get the color to match the painting itself.   The photo of the painting made it look slightly cooler-toned than the actual painting so I manually adjusted the temperature.   I also used the Hue/Saturation tool to take down some of the red because it was looking to purple-ish and that is what fixed it.   I also bumped up the contrast and think this is really close to the actual painting itself!

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