Jackie Turley art 162 visual record

Five Nights at Freddy's TwoS.C.P encounter

I am very new to photographing in any way so both of my pieces have unfortunately suffered from my incompetence. Both of these pieces were done with Acrylic paints by me last year in my intermediate painting class. They are both fan pieces of different subjects. The first is from a game Five nights at Freddy’s, specifically five nights at Freddy’s two. It was a fairly time consuming piece due to the fact it was rather large and includes all but one of the main characters from that game. The second piece is one requested by a friend. It is her being stalked by S.C.P. 1471. I had many adventures with the camera while I attempted to photograph both of these. The first five pictures were completely white. It turns out the exposure was set very high to enable the user to take night photos. Turns out this does not work out well in a well lit room. The second problem I ran into is I have no natural talent with lighting and my pictures kept turning out either to light  or to dark (S.C.P. 1471).  I messed with multiple setting and then they started coming out to yellow (demonstrated by my five nights at Freddy’s picture) or to blue (not featured). I fixed as much as I could in photoshop after talking quite a few pictures so I hope they are okay but it’s clear I still have a lot to learn about photography and light.

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