Patty – Visual Record


I did the painting above in the middle of  a dark and dreary winter when I was starved for color.  I’m sure everyone in Fairbanks knows this feeling at one time or another!  I love color and color mixing, and did this while practicing with a new set of paintbrushes.  It was fun to see what they could do.  I cannot tell a lie.  I took this photo with my iPhone.  I am trying to find a digital camera and am wishing I had taken a photography class before this one!

2 thoughts on “Patty – Visual Record

  1. You did a pretty good job especially considering the fact you were using an iPhone. I do think the lighting did not give your piece justice though, I get the feeling the colors you used for it were a lot more vibrant in your painting. As for the piece itself, I definitely understand the feeling behind it. Winter days are no fun, and I can feel the wish for bright colors from this piece. I think knowing the story definitely helps for this one, because it also gives an excellent reason as to why the colors are chaotically splashed across the board. I gives the painting a sense of urgency and longing. Nice work!

  2. Wow your painting is amazing. I am in love with all of the colors you used. The different strokes really add great detail to your painting. This painting almost reminds me of something from the Lion King with are young and singing with all the animals. It’s beautiful, I don’t thing that you even needed to use photoshop to make changes maybe to brighten a little but it has its own beauty by its self without editing. I am huge into photography have photoshop but don’t believe much into it. I would rather take a good photo then take a bad one and spend hours fixing it. Great job!

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