Elaina- Visual Record

IMG_0208 (2)  IMG_0233 (2)


These paintings are both by me. I love to paint, but unfortunately I’ve never made one I’m fully satisfied with. The first one is of a dream I had where I was starring up at a galaxy sky filled with huge clouds.  I couldn’t quite transfer my dream onto the canvas as well as I wanted to. The second is Ghost Town fan art I attempted. I know, that lazy eye..I couldn’t fix it. I experimented with fstops, apertures and other settings. I had fun messing with the settings. I had a hard time accessing the different settings because the camera I have is quite new to me. I can’t remember the exact settings I had when I took these pictures but I know the fstops were around F10-F14.

One thought on “Elaina- Visual Record

  1. Your paintings are really beautiful. I especially love your use of color and I think that color carried over really well in your photographs of them. They both came out sharp and clear and you can easily see the texture in them. Great job!

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