Hunter – Visual Record

So these two pieces were a sort of challenge within their own certain ways. This was mostly because of my resources, but I made them work.

The first piece is a drawing of Audrey Hepburn. This piece is very close to my heart, so I wanted to really try and get it perfectly captured. The natural lighting coming into my house today is sort of muddled and not the most vibrant, so I paired it was lamps that I have, using the warmest looking lightbulbs I could find. The bad thing about this picture was it still looked a little cold. So I heightened the saturation on the pictures, but that didn’t work very well either. I settled with boosting the warmth of the picture rather than the saturation, but then lightening the picture itself to get rid of the slightly yellow hue to the paper.


This second piece was another challenge. It was easy to photograph, using the same method of lamps (which I didn’t mention how I positioned them.) I tried from either side but was getting weird shadows on the edges of the paper, so I positioned one lamp below and then held another lamp up above it. The shadows went away, thankfully. Anyways, this picture had a problem with the editing as well. The piece is done primarily in small strokes of a Bic ball-point pen, so their somewhat hard to see. I wanted each line to stand out, but once I boosted the contrast, everything felt muddy and artificial. I restarted but this time darkened the shadows about 80% and then lightened the highlights to about 15% and the end result was to my liking.




*I was unaware how to categorize the post until today! Sorry! I posted this Saturday, though!

One thought on “Hunter – Visual Record

  1. You were able to accurately capture your photos in a way that doesn’t distract from the piece itself. I really like the fact that the white is soft, It adds to the feel of the art. There is a little variance on the white backgrounds, at the tops it appears a little darker but I think that’s probably a positioning error and it’s hardly noticeable because the photo itself isn’t distorted in any way..

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