Devante-Visual Record

The banana slug is a pastel piece I did for my drawing class this summer.  I took the photo in the gallery under the lights there and found that the picture came out pretty well.  One issue I’d like to fix is the dark edges at the bottom of the piece.  I took several photos and they all had the same problem.  I also tried to re-photograph the piece at my house but the gallery photo was the best.  I noticed the most difference when I used the auto color feature on Photoshop.  It made the yellow pop like it does in real life.  I experimented with auto tone but it turned my background blue.IMG_3766small  The painting below is one I did a couple of years ago of Totoro.  I liked the way the image came out even though it took a bit of effort getting it to work.  I used daylight as the source of lighting because my apartment has pretty large windows.  Originally I tried taking the photo by hand because I don’t own a tripod.  My picture came out blurry so I tried again setting up a chair with a tower of boxes on it to act as a tripod.  This eventually worked out and I was able to use the timer to avoid moving the camera and getting another blurry image.  I like how the painting looks in the picture because it does not have the glare that I normally see from my crappy apartment lights.  In the picture I was able to get dark blacks where there would normally be a glare.TotoroPaintingCDsmall

2 thoughts on “Devante-Visual Record

  1. The Totoro photo is great, the photograph is crisp and clear and easy to interpret. The banana slug photo definitely reads as a photograph of the art rather than just the art itself, as you brought up there are dark areas but also the border on the art itself is bowed leading me to believe that the positioning of the camera to the paper isn’t straight (I had the same problem). There is an indent in the paper on the right upper hand corner and that kinda adds to the wall that prevents the viewer from interpreting this as a first hand representation of your art. The color is great though and there is a lot going for it!

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