My name is Gloria Kimmel, been in the Army ten year working as Human Resources, during all the time I been station Georgia, Germany, Missouri, Oklahoma and Alaska, I came in as a private now I am staff sergeant it took me a long time but finally got my rank.
My husband and I are station Fort Wainwright since July last year we already experience -40 degree, no happy with the weather and pregnant. I have hard time to go to bed when is 2200 and bright outside, we try to go to bed and my four year old said “mom is not dark outside, why we are going to bed?’, always made my smile how kids are so smart.
I been marry four years we have two children four years old and seven month old and dog she is over a year marry
this course is part to my degree program, I am working toward my Bachelor degree in Art (drawing), I am tire to put off my education, and my goal is to finish my BA before we move again try to finish all the hand on class here.
We like to hunt, fishing, hiking, camping and drive where the gas can take us, one must do this winter is ice fishing should be fun and walk on the frozen river.
My kids are my reason I want to continue education, my seven month old is crawling, I love to see how my children grow up, I do my best to taking to every sport is playing, I have not taken family picture yet (shame shame of me)
I am very happy to take this class, this is mean is the one class closer to my BA degree.
I wish everybody good luck, I hope to make friend during this course.





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