Gloria Visual Record

Gloria K Art 162 1

I like this painting because is an abstract painting and delivery many different color and feeling, I like that has some looking chine letter on the bottom right, on the left side a blue dolphin going down, is smooth transition of color from light pink getting dark ending to red and yellow. I really appreciate this piece is hard to understand what the artist tying to send the message, what is make very interested trying to interpret the painting.

Gloria K Art 162 2

I have fun taking pictures of two different painting; I am so surprise how different the photo can look different angles, the shades change the glare of the picture I have some of them where very light and some of darker. This is a relaxing pictures I can have a bad day and look to this painting and make think when I retire I will be near a place like this one.

I have the horizon the sky and the tree can walk and get closer to the relaxing place.

One thought on “Gloria Visual Record

  1. I really like the way you captured these pictures. Especially the second one. The way that you can see the contrast between the lights and darks is really beautiful and artfully done. The only “criticism” I could give is sort of a selfish thing (ha ha.) I just think that maybe if the contrast of the abstract painting was boosted a little, it would be interesting to spot more things within the colors. But the picture is taken beautifully as well. Great work! 🙂

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