My Introduction


I hope Im not getting this on too late. I just got back from the hospital after getting a few stitches in my thumb from cutting myself while filleting a silver. I also hope I am posting in the right place after figuring out how to log on.

My name is Melanie. I am a single mom of three kids, one being Down syndrome which has been a true blessing because she is so special. I started school shortly after having her and Im just trying to get my pre-requisites done and out of the way. I drive truck during the day and used to drive cab on the weekends, which is also why I had to get at least a second fishing trip in this summer since Ive worked most of the summer away!

I grew up drawing and loving art but quit when I had someone who wasn’t really impressed with my art work. I should have never let him effect me that way because imagine the artist I could have been today. I since have done a few paintings that turned out really nice and better than what I would have expected. I actually sold a few to a couple of ladies. I am exited about this class because I think it will be fun and enjoyable to learn more about the world of art and get back into doing some art work.

Im looking forward to learning with you all!

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