Hi my name is Charlotte and I’m a photography student, working towards my BFA. its taking  forever it seems.

Ive been taking photography since high school, working in the darkroom. I have moved over to digital photography and have been focusing more on composite images as well as portraits.

I really want to get into digital arts as well, such as illustration. It seems like a whole different language moving from photoshop to illustrator however. I definitely get lost trying to use illustrator.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work this semester and learning a lot.


Here are some examples of my work with photography.

Beautiful summer wheat field




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  1. Hi Charlotte! I just wanted to tell you that I took the basic digital photography class with Jason over the summer. After I told him what I liked to do and wanted to explore (composites) he pointed me to your work specifically as an example of fun and beautiful digital art. I really enjoy your photos and I’m excited to see more!

    • thank you so much, that means a lot 🙂
      What really helped me with composites was taking Miho’s class, art371. I don’t remember the name, but Miho is really great with photoshop. There aren’t as many resources thru UAF to do that type of work, as I’m discovering.

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