Kathryn Reichert- Introduction

Hey everyone!   My name is Kathryn, but please call me Kat.   This is my third semester here at UAF.   I’m returning to school after several years in the working world and a few more in the Army.   I take mostly on-line courses as much of my time is spent thwarting my scheming two year old son (who is instigated by his 9 month old sister) from whatever dastardly plans he has concocted that day.   It’s a busy job.

I’m pursuing two majors- one in business administration and one in art, concentrating in photography, though I absolutely favor photography over the other.   I was lucky enough to be juried into my first fine art photo exhibit at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado over this summer!   I’ll be heading that way in November to check the gallery out and it is an incredible feeling that has left me very motivated to find more ways to continue improving my work.   I think this class will definitely be one of those ways.   I’m looking forward to refining my understanding of how colors interact and compliment each other.

Other than that, I’m not much of an artist, myself.   I’ve been looking through everyone’s introductions and am absolutely blown away with some of the pictures I see!   I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with in this class.

This photo is one of the self portraits I did in my basic digital photography class over the summer.

boat dream sm

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