Hello!!! Hunter S. Young Introduction

Hello, my name is Hunter S. Young. I’m a freshman at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and am (currently) majoring in an art degree. I decided to take this class because one of my interests in art is graphic design. I’ve always leaned and was always partial to traditional art forms, but am now, slowly but surely, branching out into digital art. I’ve always been a little scared of technology and how genius it is and how confusing it can be as well. I’m very excited, though, to FINALLY learn how to control the bull that is Photoshop and also find out, not only what I can do digitally, but find out what I can do digitally to my paintings through these programs. The picture I have posted below, isn’t me, obviously. It’s the singer Lorde. This is my biggest accomplishment as an artist. It’s the first drawing that I’ve been 100% happy with and also my first real picture done digitally (on my iPad.) Hopefully it doesn’t post blurry! This picture also sort of sums up my personal style that I’ve been trying to develop for so many years, which is a blend of realism with a touch of abstract (such as the colors and exaggerating shading.) I can’t wait to see everyone else’s work and get great and crucial feedback from all of you!intro

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