Hello Everyone

This is Alica Unruh. I am normally on the other side of teaching and training, as I teach for CTC (currently Intro to Personnel, later in semester Contemporary Management Issues) as an adjunct and I do teacher training with district teachers since I am a school district  professional development coordinator.

Color and Design is my second art course I am taking this year. In spring I took introductory drawing class, in which I did quite well — to my own surprise :-). One of my paintings ended up in the juried student exhibition. Despite that success in the drawing class, my goal is to get the metalsmithing and jewelry making classes. I like unique jewelry and would like to make some for myself and my family — I have fours sisters-in-law, one sister, one daughter-in-law and one stepdaughter, and each of them appreciates handmade gifts. Jewelry is always a good gift and lasts longer than a piece of chocolate.

I look forward to this class in which I hope to learn about color selection and combination and some fundamentals of design that will help me in my future art classes. I also look forward to meet all of you and share ideas for artistic projects.

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