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  1. Good Evening Everyone,
    Alyssa here. Currently active duty Coast Guard Corpsman by day, Anatomy & Physiology Supplemental Instructor and health science tutor at Kodiak College by night…. student by …. whatever time is left! This will be my third time in school, I have a Bachelors in Biology Pre-Health from NAU and a Master’s in Forensic Science from UFL. I love the body; how it works grows and develops. I also recently discovered I enjoy creating things, as a permanent memory and tangible representation of all the good times or encounters with great people here in Alaska and other places I hope to visit. I am taking this course and Early Childhood Education. I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up but am sampling enough stuff regularly that I am confident I will find “it” eventually. My last art courses were an introductory course in junior high and an art history course during undergrad. I was recently asked to be the artist of the month at the local Frame Shop in town for our monthly art walks! I am very excited and hope this course will add a professional twist to my otherwise wandering doodles, and haphazard creations. Its an honor to meet you all and I look forward to working with you. If ever in Kodiak lets do lunch!

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